Mashable Howto: Get the Most Out of Google Maps

Jennifer Van Grove from the high-powered social media site Mashable wrote a great, comprehensive article about Google Maps and how to take advantage of its various features beyond simple address searches.

Google Maps has become the standard mapping utility for everything from getting directions and finding nearby food options to viewing the surface of the moon. Are you getting the most out of your Google Maps experience? Keep reading to get some helpful hints on how to maximize (or minimize) all your mapping desires. 

See entire article at Mashable…

Google adds Digg-esque features for Remove and Promote

Thanks to Dana D from FriendFeed for posting this gem:

Google adds Digg-esque features for Remove and Promote

My take: Don’t know how much weight this system will have on actual results but it could potentially change the entire way SEO and placement strategies work.

Marketing and SEO agencies, take note. If this becomes a defacto standard you will need to refocus some of your resources toward manual placement promotion.

Unfortunately for a lot of businesses and small sites this may create a work pill because they will need to constantly push promote their search engine results to keep them from disappearing from listing. It’s definitely an interesting use of the Digg method but I think Google is making search technology non-pragmatic at the cost of accuracy.